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The Phoenix Legend

Fenix is the Old English spelling of Phoenix, the legendary creature we all admire – a symbol of rejuvenation and rebirth. Not only is Fenix Specialty Products (Fenix) committed to delivering the best product, but Fenix is dedicated to continual reinvention and regeneration of the business much like the Phoenix.

Why Fenix

Fenix has spent over ten years cultivating relationships with both domestic and offshore manufacturers of machinery, material handling products and other rubber goods in order to deliver the highest quality product – while keeping budgets in mind. Companies with demanding applications can rest easy knowing Fenix has done its homework. Most importantly, Fenix offers solutions – not just products. We work with all clients to determine the action plan to handle their needs. Dale Dunlap, the Founder, President and CEO of Fenix has over 30 years experience improving the bottom line of companies where he worked by implementing quality improvement principles. After working in the fluid handling business for 10 years, he saw the waste and inefficiencies first hand and decided there was a better way. Fenix was founded using lean startup and lean manufacturing principles and focuses on prevention.


Dale Dunlap




Core Beliefs

Reduce waste

One of the biggest factors in reducing costs is reducing wasteful practices. At Fenix, we utilize lean manufacturing processes to minimize the amount of waste to virtually null. This reduction in costs is passed along to our customers.

Simplify everything

Fenix takes complex concepts and works to make every element as simple as possible. Through automation and continuous improvement, we have been able make things as easy as possible for you the customer. We believe simple is best.

Create flow

By applying principles of lean manufacturing, Fenix has developed a seamless workflow. Without hurdles, waste is reduced and costs are saved. The flow of processes is our secret weapon.